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‘This is simply Karen Grace music, adventurous, lyrically thought-provoking and blessed with one of the most impressive, real voices you’ve heard in a long time.’ – Penny Black Music.

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Karen Grace has been described as “A unique artist in an increasingly un-unique world” – Jote Osahn, (Elbow). She is gifted with the ability to write songs that satisfy your craving for something new, something that will touch you for reasons you can’t quite pinpoint. Delivered with one of the most impressive, real voices you’ve heard in a long time.

Karen’s lyrics combine delicately chiselled observations of the heart, with a winning ability to capture the minuscule details of ordinary lives. And having teamed up with Ivor Novello Award winning producer Iain Archer, she has recorded songs that transport you through soundscapes that might feel momentarily familiar, but remain delightfully unclassifiable. ‘Playfully intelligent songwriting, a dash of folk, and a sprinkling of Bjork’ begins to paint the picture…

Her debut album is a gem not to be missed: “Bitter Sweet is an album quite unlike any other; it’s a totally original set of songs from a totally original artist who has no need to follow trends or do anything other than be herself. Karen Grace is a new young artist who deserves the success that is surely going to come her way”. – Penny Black Music.

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