Karen Grace is one part underdog sage, one part mystic troubadour, and one part romantic pragmatist, following in the footsteps of musical greats such as Joni Mitchell …

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Listen to what others are saying about Karen Grace:

“Loved working with Karen. Songs that are both playfully intense and intensely playful
.”  -Iain Archer. (Frank Turner, Snow Patrol, Lisa Hannigan.)

“Wonderously poetic songs, in a beautifully folk-tinged musical landscape that is at once earthy and exotic. Love it !” – Peter (fan.)

“A unique artist in an increasingly un-unique world.” – Jote Osahn (Elbow.)

Singer-songwriter Karen Grace combines beautifully whimsical storytelling with a warm, wistful voice that moves effortlessly between the fragile and the fiery. If you are a fan of legendary singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling and others like them, Karen Grace is a must have for your collection.

Karen’s lyrics combine delicately chiselled observations of the heart, with a winning ability to capture the minuscule details of ordinary lives. And having teamed up with Ivor Novello Award winning producer Iain Archer, she has recorded songs that are as beautiful as they are earthy, where soaring string parts nestle into a song next to the sound of the wind, or a creaking door.

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Be sure to keep a close eye on this exciting new artist… who writes ‘such fascinating songs, it’s difficult not to be totally immersed in her music from the very first few seconds.’ -Penny Black Music.