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Since I’ve started on a nautical tack with my blog posts, I may as well carry on. I’ll try not to Go Overboard with all of this, but I will be crow bar-ing nautical meaning into everything for the next few days, because I do like to tie things together into an over-arching theme every now and then. You’re welcome.

This is my blog post on ‘Floating your Boat’ which was the philosophy I followed in the creation of my album (did I mention my album already?). Not that the album has a nautical theme, but that I floated my boat in the making of it, writing and recording things in my own sweet way.

I’ve been really lucky to have been able to work creatively with people who have supported me in all this boat-floatery. I was really happy when Iain Archer said that he was up for producing my album, as I had respected his work for a long time, and had much enjoyed the music of other artists he has worked with – Lisa Hannigan and Jake Bugg especially. And Snow Patrol, for name dropping at parties reasons.

I was slightly in Oar of him, you might say.

Sorry, terrible joke.

But Iain often ran with weird little ideas that I had, that I wasn’t even sure about myself. Which put me at ease. And climbing up the spiral staircase into his little attic studio, to see all his slightly odd, slightly rustic instruments made me very happy. Autoharps (google it!), harmoniums and other strange instruments he’d found on his travels.

It was fun all this creativity. Lots of enDolphins were released, in amongst all these brainwaves.

Seriously, Karen?

I was also super happy to end up working with violinist Jote Osahn who worked with Elbow on Seldom Seen Kid- an album which I love so much.

I thought I might feel intimidated working with such impressive people as Iain and Jote, and feel like I didn’t have a Crew about anything. But they were so nice to me, I felt very Anchoraged by the whole experience.

Awful, Karen

Once the album was complete, it was really touching to get the first review through, by Oliver Arditi, who somehow also seemed to get all the boat-floatery that had been going on.

‘I’m sure that Karen Grace thinks she’s just writing songs about the things that matter to her, and recording them in the way that suits them best. There’s a whole world of acoustic singer-songwriters out there, all doing that, and a frightening number of them do it really well… So what is worth your time in this brave new world of cultural superabundance? Well, I would like to argue that Bitter Sweet is worth your time, because although it’s fairly clear that Grace is not setting out to contrive a novel sound, although she isn’t necessarily trying to be different, her music is coming out different.’

Well he seems Ferry impressed with the album doesn’t he?!

Since you’ve read this far, if you’re not already frantically rummaging for your wallet to buy my album, you can help yourself to another free song as a THANK YOU for your interest in all the goings on of an independent musician such as myself.

You Dolphin-ately deserve it, so enjoy :). Please see instructions below*

If you do find yourself frantically rummaging for your wallet, please know that your support means so much to me. Click here to read about and buy Bitter Sweet.

Thank you.

Karen x

P.S. Please do share any of your own thoughts, life philosophies, or even wholely pun-necesssary comments below. I’d love to hear from you. X


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