The world of UK based singer-songwriter Karen Grace is a place where enchanting melodies meet poignantly intelligent lyrics, delivered with a warm wistful voice that moves effortlessly between the fragile and the fiery. It’s a world, which is at once exotic and earthy, where a concert harp takes it’s place next to a harmonium. And the soaring string parts that betray Karen’s classical background as a violinist, nestle into a song next to the sound of the wind, or a creaking door.

Her songs move from the passionate yearning of ‘Deep Down Things’, to the playfulness of ‘Sapling’ with it’s cheeky defiance, and throw-away quips. As Iain Archer (who produced her album) says: Her songs are ‘both playfully intense, and intensely playful.’

She says, ‘When I write a song, I ask myself what is the simple heart of the matter that I am writing about, and I make sure that the rest of the song is crafted around that. By distilling my experiences into the simplicity of song, I feel there is something universal that is communicated, that I hope touches those who listen.’

Her debut album Bitter Sweet which she recorded with producers Iain Archer (Lisa Hannigan, Jake Bugg, Snow Patrol,) and Dave Lynch (Ed Harcourt) is a gem not to be missed. Highlights of the recording process included collaborating with violinist Jote Osahn of Elbow fame, for her songs ‘This Fear’, and ‘The Scapegoat’. Jote also performed with Karen for her EP (album taster) launch. She has collaborated with multi award-winning editor and director Jon Coutts and BAFTA nominated Director of Photography Robert Hollingworth to create a stunning video for her song ‘Deep Down Things.’

This is music with soul and imagination that will find it’s way to your heart – expect to be spellbound!

Karen lives in a narrow boat on the River Thames in England, where she is currently recording and filming her songs with delightful lo-fi charm… If you want to know what her newest songs sound like, ask the geese who gather round her boat when she sings 😉 …