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               “Loved working on Bitter Sweet with Karen. Songs that are both playfully intense and intensely playful”.- Iain Archer (Lisa Hannigan, Jake Bugg, Snow Patrol).


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Critics have delighted in finding themselves unable to categorise Grace’s music:

‘I’m sure that Karen Grace thinks she’s just writing songs about the things that matter to her, and recording them in the way that suits them best. There’s a whole world of acoustic singer-songwriters out there, all doing that, and a frightening number of them do it really well… So what is worth your time in this brave new world of cultural superabundance? Well, I would like to argue that Bitter Sweet is worth your time, because although it’s fairly clear that Grace is not setting out to contrive a novel sound, although she isn’t necessarily trying to be different, her music is coming out different.’ – Oliver Arditi.

‘The combination of one of our most expressive female vocalists with selected musicians who obviously share Grace’s vision and a producer who is also sympathetic to her music have together created a set of songs that will hold up for years to come. ‘Bitter Sweet’ is an album quite unlike any other; it’s a totally original set of songs from a totally original artist who has no need to follow trends or do anything other than be herself. Karen Grace is a new young artist who deserves the success that is surely going to come her way.’ – Penny Black Music

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